If we’re honest

If I have to prove anything to you, it shows you never knew me from the start!



Lord, I’ve reached a new level of brokenness

Soldier for God

When you sign your name on the dotted line to enlist in the military, you’re signing your life over saying you’re willing to die for what you believe. How much more would you be willing to do for your God in heaven?


Hanging on to broken promises by a thread, hoping one day we would see eye to eye again.

Insanely curious as to why delusion shot to my head like a narcotic, and my heart rebelliously fell for a thief, a robber, with the intentions of helping me, to only hurt me. Stealing my heart, and mishandling it as if it were worthless as hay and stubble, and then…I remembered, your very words.

“I would never do anything to intentionally hurt you.” I’ve overdosed I’ve gotten so high off of your broken promises everything else is permissible, and it’s not fair, I’ve been opened up to involuntary pain, and suffering, and now, … now it’s time to trade in my anger towards you, for the prince of peace. I don’t have to worry anymore about the time, because my father is the author, and the finisher, the beginning and the ending, time is in his hands, and I will trust him. His promises will fail me not, I’m positive and so sure.

See the problem is I’ve gone astray and was close to the fence and as my Shepard it’s time for him to pull me in again.

iPromise, and I vow to never let “temporary” interfere between eternity.


Learning to implement boundaries in relationships for proper growth almost never happens over night. There’s nothing wrong with reteaching individuals how to treat you, they’ll never know until their taught. People will always treat you how you let them, if they have been treating you poorly and it’s never been addressed, why stop now? Failures are tough but if you learn from them they make you even tougher! Remembering that we’re all in different places sometimes allows us to see the larger picture as opposed to our personal point of view. Everyday we must remember wisdom is far greater than anything, we must implement wisdom into our lives and situations so that we might learn from it.

Queen 👸 

Young girl fasten your pants!

Young girl cover your chest!

Young lady value yourself!

Young lady know your worth!

Young woman lift up a standard!

Young woman be an example!

You are far more than cameras, and photos, your more than an option or late night call! Look in the mirror and realize you are all you have, you are one of a kind, you are worth more than a dime, you are royalty, priceless, undefeated and worthy! Don’t criticize yourself by talking about Gods art work, celebrities are acting don’t think that it’s true, they have the same struggles just like me and you! Only way you should conform into something your not, is when God is molding you and shapping you into something far more beautiful! The only time you should be weak willed and easily influenced is when the Lord ask you to do something for his kingdom. 


If we continue looking at life through the loophole of our pain we will not only fail others but we will fail ourselves. 


Just do your own thing, don’t worry about what the next person’s doing or how they did it, just focus on you, and what works for your life. Grant yourself the permission to set yourself free from the opinions of others, including society, and live a little.


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