You make me happy

You make me sad

You make me love

You make me proud

You make me hate

You make me wait

You make me suffer

You make me perplexed

You make my tolerant

You make me suicidal

You make me hurt

You make me scared

You make me worse

You made me feel like your were my blessing and all you turned out was to be a curse. The old me loved the new me can’t, I don’t want to waist more time on you or bother going on a rant. My body hurts, my mind is sick, I can’t believe I fell for you over again..your world was lost and I was burden ..I got so spiritually hungry I wanted you to live and you were trying to kill. You never wanted God it was just a facade. You really had me believe when you said were in love when you wanted to buy a big house and make me your wife, when I turned around and saw it was nothing but a lie. You don’t take me seriously you make matters worse, your excuses get better and better and the pain gets worse. I need to stay away but the love is so great it’s all I ever had until you took it away. Here we go with problems in the way, for some reason I can’t see that you’re not truthful I just see how I’m just being a fool for … my love that doesn’t even exist. You take my kindness for weakness that’s  what scares me the most, I’m tired of crying, screaming and yelling. It’s not worth it anymore, it’s now time that this girl shows you the door!


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