Spiritual Perseverance

Accepting yourself for who you are and what you stand for is a wonderful thing! However, if you allow yourself to stay where you are, just remember distruction awaits for you. If I can closely examin others and have my thoughts about how or why I feel my opinions should be forced in their lives, why can’t I do the same for myself? The Lords intentions weren’t for us to live our lives doing his job and go around persecuting people, our jobs are to win souls, and to be a witness for him. If we remembered that souls were our main priority here on earth we would be a lot further than what we are right now! We must stop persecuting our brothers and sisters and lift up a standard for our generation, and ourselves. We must be made new and have hearts of pure Gold, this world is tough enough, so if you spread a little love and have a pure heart with pure intentions you will be better off, and so will everyone else. Take a self examination, and see where you are spiritually, have you examined yourself like you’ve examined others?

Part 1.