Overcomer 🗣🙌🏼🙏🏼👏🏻

“Ever since I’ve been changed I’ve never been the same, thank you for your grace, I’m an overcomer” father you said you would never leave me nor forsake me, I love you Lord, my burdens are far to heavy for me, but I know your just setting the bar high for me, and your holding these burdens with me! Jesus thank you for being so forgiving all of the time. Jesus thank you for keeping me and delivering me, I appreciate you for placing me where you placed me so you can get your glory. Lord everything is for your glory and your will not my glory, I have dominion and authority over every spirit that tries to come against me ! By your stripes not only am I healed but I’m set free, I’m strong Lord not only can I get through this but I will get through this!! I’m a 💎 DIAMOND and lord you are my 👑 King, you don’t fear this temporary world and neither should I! If this is all the devil has trust and believe me this is nothing compared to what’s about to happen, I’m going to stomp on the devils head! I will not be shaken or moved, I’ve got this Jesus I believe in you, and I know you believe in me!


Spiritual Perseverance

Accepting yourself for who you are and what you stand for is a wonderful thing! However, if you allow yourself to stay where you are, just remember distruction awaits for you. If I can closely examin others and have my thoughts about how or why I feel my opinions should be forced in their lives, why can’t I do the same for myself? The Lords intentions weren’t for us to live our lives doing his job and go around persecuting people, our jobs are to win souls, and to be a witness for him. If we remembered that souls were our main priority here on earth we would be a lot further than what we are right now! We must stop persecuting our brothers and sisters and lift up a standard for our generation, and ourselves. We must be made new and have hearts of pure Gold, this world is tough enough, so if you spread a little love and have a pure heart with pure intentions you will be better off, and so will everyone else. Take a self examination, and see where you are spiritually, have you examined yourself like you’ve examined others?

Part 1.

Spiritual consistency 

I’ve learned lately that if you stay steadfast in the Lord he will provide all of your needs. In order to have our lives be ordered in his steps we must be obident, and realize everything isn’t about us. I’ve learned that the people you think are the most independent are the ones who are really looking for hope and love the most. It’s important to remember our purpose here on earth is to win souls and to reach the lost. At the end of everyday we should touch at least one person and make them feel like they have a true purpose in life. 

Smile on 😁

😆The best thing in the world was setting myself free from the opinions of others. I’m the child of a King 👑 who isn’t moved by this world, I’m a 🌻wildflower in a field with roses. I am ✨ROYALTY and no one can take away this happiness that Gods given to me. If he did this for me I know he can do it for you ! 

Unapologetic Boldness✨

I don’t apologize for finding myself, or being a beautiful flower. Over analyzing things only blows your circuits not others. Your problems are only big as you make them, sometimes if we step back and realize our lives matter as much as the next persons we would understand that we’re worth fighting for. We must experience life for ourselves and love every second of the good and bad we’ve brought upon ourselves. Sing loud with the car windows down and get on the road with no journey. Remember to smile and give to strangers. Live like you’ve never lived before and love like your never loved before. It’s worth it when you realize you put yourself in countless situations by caring deeply for others instead of yourself. Love the person in the mirror for who they are, and don’t apologize for it! 

Sunshine down on me! 🌻

You have got to reflect on the good things and not the bad things, love and let God handle things. It may seem like hope has failed you, but could it be that it’s just waiting on you to let go and trust? How do you learn if your mistakes teach you nothing? “Time and change happens to us all.” Laugh a lot, spend time smiling instead of stressing and make a difference where it matters. I found myself yesterday and discovered who I really was it and was the best thing I’ve ever done. I’m so happy being me! God bless!

Practice = Perfection 

Practice being a little more you, smiling a lot more at the small things you do, enjoying the life and the road you’ve paved, don’t try to live your life through someone else’s success. Refuse to be jealous, angry, and bitter but smile and realize we’re all really winners. We’re in this race until the very end, make sure while your running you don’t sin. Basing your happiness off of society’s only gets you so far, only wanting you to crave more. Realizing happiness isn’t build over night starts with one prayer. Gods intentions aren’t for us to covet but for us to be brave and stand up for what’s good in his sight. 


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