Title free

Explanation of your flaws, and weakness provides an escape for emotion. While unaware of the motive behind the questioning of an acquiring soul, or wandering mind. Selflessly thinking and over analyzing every move your opponent is making while your deteriorating and your level of toxic indulgence is increasing by the second. Oblivious to satans devices our flesh is continuously failing, while our spirit is vexed, and at war. In the fight of a lifetime remember don’t give up, the ending reward is well worth it. We aren’t ignorant to the enemies devices, stay focused, and remember our weapons are mighty through God.


Great are you Lord

I’m spiritually excited, my spirit is willing to pray but my flesh is willing to complain, but I’m reminded in the mist of my troubles, and trials Jesus is my help. I could cry, I could complain, but that only creates confusion for the non believers around me. If Profess to be a follower of Christ, and that the Lord is my salvation, and that he is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords why would I behave contrary to my beliefs ? God is not of confusion but the prince of peace. As we grow older we not only gain spiritual maturity but we gain spiritual strength as well. My brain can not adequately describe the greatness of my God, but I know without a doubt I will get through this. 

Declare the Victory 

I declare I am healed in jesus name, healed from any toxic relationships, and set free from the opinions of others. “The Lord is my light and salvation, whom shall I fear?” My salvation is set apart from average, I believe in Jesus Christ, he is my answer to all things. The greatest thing is when your relationship with Christ grows, and you conqueror the simplistic things that were once an obstacle. The joy at the end of the race, the baby at the end of a pregnancy, the A+ on s final, or the joy after conqueoring your largest weakeness. We all face struggles, to through trials and tribulations not for ourselves but for others, God is merciful enough to orchestrate everything according to his will, and it always works out in his favor. When we humble ourselves and seek his face, it all really works out. Jesus is the reason period, I’m in love with my Jesus! I love you Lord. 


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