Unequally yolked acquaintances

un-even, 20-80, oblivious to acquainted, “not on the same page”

In rather close platonic relationships there are a lot of things that are unequal especially with the opposite sex. Having being a step above and below, being a female or male isn’t easy when its quite obvious that the opposite sex assumes they have the “Upper hand” so to speak. The equality or rather advantage of having the “upper hand” is an overrated bonus.
Me being a female I am naturally an emotional, loving, altruistic being. However I am perceived in society to be looked at as unequal to men, but at the same time being the lover and supporter. Entitled to my own opinion, and rather distancing myself from self righteousness, I am a woman and respect is just a minimum, I want more in life then being the stereo typical statistic that holds the trophy of a woman being “barefoot and pregnant.”
From a young woman’s point of view men are often valued more and looked at as rather being a bonus. In my eyes men hold a higher title then women. Men and women both can go to college minoring and majoring in a similar if not exact course/courses and a man will get a higher paying job, and in fact a better job than a woman. When will enough to be enough? When will their be equal acquaintances, coworkers, friends and people?

(Personal point of view, not attacking or intentionally attacking anyone. I respect both men and women. Not trying to sound bias or sexist.)

-Amber Reed



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