s’il te plait aime moi

I want you to love me for the Christian, and the young woman I’ve become, I know I’m not perfect but that doesn’t mean I’m worthless. Screaming in my mind, please love and accept me, as my lips quiver softly uttering three small simple words, I need you. I need you more than ever, your dying before my eyes. I’m scared to love you because I’ve been rejected countless times! I need you so much, why have you rejected me, you’ve denied me and treated me with unequalness that I didn’t deserve. Thinking to myself the way Simon Peter rejected the Lord 3x, and later turned into a believer. Understanding the frustration when the scripture said “Jesus wept”. It’s hard loving someone that wants nothing to do with you unless it’s a convenience to them. While my entire life I verbally, physically, and mentally was abused, why have you forsaken me, I just want to love you.