God by your grace and mercy I was set free when you filled me with your precious Holy Spirit! But I have been in toxic relationships and the devil makes me feel like all of my sins aren’t under the blood, I am at war and I need your help, idk where to start but I need some prayer! God please don’t leave me your word said you would, I’m just trying to be strong even when I don’t feel it’s an option, I need my fire back, and some close friends to love me, I’m sitting here writing wondering why I’m going through this, your word said you have not because you ask not, and I’ve asked but wanted in my timing. What I fail to realize is that my flesh is rebellious and my soul is on your timing. God I need hell from my abuse, I know your the only one that can save me from the stress the mess, the hurt I felt with as a baby! God I need you more than I ever have before please reach out to me and allow me to be ready because I know life is to short!