Unequally yolked acquaintances

un-even, 20-80, oblivious to acquainted, “not on the same page” In rather close platonic relationships there are a lot of things that are unequal especially with the opposite sex. Having being a step above and below, being a female or male isn’t easy when its quite obvious that the opposite sex assumes they have the “Upper hand” so to speak. The equality or rather advantage … Continue reading Unequally yolked acquaintances

Recruiter for Christ 

Hello, may I please order a pumpkin spice latte with almond milk? “Absolutely honey, what’s your name please?” Asked the Starbucks employee.” Its Amber! “Okay, I’ll get that made for ya!” In immediate observation and discernment I felt a spirit of strife and confusion. I knew it was my duty to be the light to the workers at Starbucks and witness to them as well. … Continue reading Recruiter for Christ 

Dear Jesus,

I have longed to be close with you, but I make little effort, in the eyes of many believers I’m doing well, and I’m an inspiration. I feel numb, and like I’m in a dry place but I’m going to continue striving for excellence and fulfilling the purpose you have for me on earth. I have yet to bring someone into the church, and give … Continue reading Dear Jesus,


God by your grace and mercy I was set free when you filled me with your precious Holy Spirit! But I have been in toxic relationships and the devil makes me feel like all of my sins aren’t under the blood, I am at war and I need your help, idk where to start but I need some prayer! God please don’t leave me your … Continue reading Free

Dear Jesus

Lord you know all things, when I’m stubborn you are still merciful! When I’m not fasting and praying you still love me. When I don’t act, walk, or talk right you still care enough to correct me. When I don’t talk to you, your always finding a way to relay a message through something or someone so it reaches me. Hey Jesus, why is it … Continue reading Dear Jesus