Unequally yolked acquaintances

un-even, 20-80, oblivious to acquainted, “not on the same page”

In rather close platonic relationships there are a lot of things that are unequal especially with the opposite sex. Having being a step above and below, being a female or male isn’t easy when its quite obvious that the opposite sex assumes they have the “Upper hand” so to speak. The equality or rather advantage of having the “upper hand” is an overrated bonus.
Me being a female I am naturally an emotional, loving, altruistic being. However I am perceived in society to be looked at as unequal to men, but at the same time being the lover and supporter. Entitled to my own opinion, and rather distancing myself from self righteousness, I am a woman and respect is just a minimum, I want more in life then being the stereo typical statistic that holds the trophy of a woman being “barefoot and pregnant.”
From a young woman’s point of view men are often valued more and looked at as rather being a bonus. In my eyes men hold a higher title then women. Men and women both can go to college minoring and majoring in a similar if not exact course/courses and a man will get a higher paying job, and in fact a better job than a woman. When will enough to be enough? When will their be equal acquaintances, coworkers, friends and people?

(Personal point of view, not attacking or intentionally attacking anyone. I respect both men and women. Not trying to sound bias or sexist.)

-Amber Reed



Recruiter for Christ 

Hello, may I please order a pumpkin spice latte with almond milk? “Absolutely honey, what’s your name please?” Asked the Starbucks employee.” Its Amber! “Okay, I’ll get that made for ya!” In immediate observation and discernment I felt a spirit of strife and confusion. I knew it was my duty to be the light to the workers at Starbucks and witness to them as well. Striking up a conversation with the employees of Starbucks as well as redirecting their conversations back to professional grounds I decided to share my personal testimony with them. Being expresionless one employee continued working, as the others gazed deeply into my eyes and hung on to my every word, as I proceeded to explain how our trials aren’t as personal as we think they are the expresionless employee stoped working and gave me her undivided attention. Just a few minutes into speaking I just simply stoped, and smiled and locked my arms together explaining in detail how much I love my dad, and how he is never wrong and never leaves me nor forsakes me. I received teary eyes,  flabbergasted expressions, ewws, and ahhhhs, but In remembrance of the saints that paved the way for me I know that without a shadow of doubt the Lord speaks through us and reaches each and everyone of us by others trials and tribulations. Reminded myself even in my time of trouble to always pray, always fast, repent often, smile to much, and never stop being a light. God didn’t give us the spirit of fear, but he gave us the spirit of excellence for things to be done decently and in order. The Lord is my light and my salvation, whom shall I fear! 

Dear Jesus,

I have longed to be close with you, but I make little effort, in the eyes of many believers I’m doing well, and I’m an inspiration. I feel numb, and like I’m in a dry place but I’m going to continue striving for excellence and fulfilling the purpose you have for me on earth. I have yet to bring someone into the church, and give them various bible studies, but speaking to me, I am a witness alone. Jesus, I really need you more than ever before, your drawing me in closer but my spirit is willing but my flesh is week, please help me cast down every imaginary thought, and to stay focused on your work. Father I need you more than ever before, please help me. I love you, and I miss being close to you. 


s’il te plait aime moi

I want you to love me for the Christian, and the young woman I’ve become, I know I’m not perfect but that doesn’t mean I’m worthless. Screaming in my mind, please love and accept me, as my lips quiver softly uttering three small simple words, I need you. I need you more than ever, your dying before my eyes. I’m scared to love you because I’ve been rejected countless times! I need you so much, why have you rejected me, you’ve denied me and treated me with unequalness that I didn’t deserve. Thinking to myself the way Simon Peter rejected the Lord 3x, and later turned into a believer. Understanding the frustration when the scripture said “Jesus wept”. It’s hard loving someone that wants nothing to do with you unless it’s a convenience to them. While my entire life I verbally, physically, and mentally was abused, why have you forsaken me, I just want to love you.

What the rapture!?

“We talk about tomorrow like it’s promised!” What if tomorrow was the day we met our Lord and savior? Would you patiently wait or would you run rapid? Would you fast, pray, repent, or attempt to go deeper? How perfect would your walk be, or how clean would your talk be? What would be ok your mind, who would you give your time? Would you smile and pray for your enemies as you should, or would you witness more? Would you say everything you had to say to your loved ones? What if tomorrow was the day…how would you live your last hours here on earth? 


God by your grace and mercy I was set free when you filled me with your precious Holy Spirit! But I have been in toxic relationships and the devil makes me feel like all of my sins aren’t under the blood, I am at war and I need your help, idk where to start but I need some prayer! God please don’t leave me your word said you would, I’m just trying to be strong even when I don’t feel it’s an option, I need my fire back, and some close friends to love me, I’m sitting here writing wondering why I’m going through this, your word said you have not because you ask not, and I’ve asked but wanted in my timing. What I fail to realize is that my flesh is rebellious and my soul is on your timing. God I need hell from my abuse, I know your the only one that can save me from the stress the mess, the hurt I felt with as a baby! God I need you more than I ever have before please reach out to me and allow me to be ready because I know life is to short!

Dear Jesus

Lord you know all things, when I’m stubborn you are still merciful! When I’m not fasting and praying you still love me. When I don’t act, walk, or talk right you still care enough to correct me. When I don’t talk to you, your always finding a way to relay a message through something or someone so it reaches me. Hey Jesus, why is it that when your quiet I get upset? Your not an anytime God, your inevitable, your a necessity, why would I treat you as if your an option, forgive me father. We all will fall short but that doesn’t mean we throw in the towel. Lord I love you so much, your perfect to me!💖

I love you Jesus !

Lord I never tell you enough how much I love and adore you, how much more precious can you be to me? You are the God of big and little things! Your love dwells in my like a burning fire, I love you merciful God, when people are watching and when they aren’t. Lord our relationship is far from artificial, if I must say, I believe it’s more authentic than any other relationship I’ve ever been in! I love you lord!Please dispatch your angles around me at all times and protect me!


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