100-> pennies equal $1

25-> $1 bills equal $25

5-> twenties equal $100

100-> $100 bills equal $1000

Why must we always want the end result without working our way up? We will walk past a penny because we think it’s worthless, but fail to realize the same worthless penny is that $100 bill that made the 1000. Be patient, and understand that it takes 1step at a time, only 1 in a million find $100 laying around, everyone’s afforded an opportunity what you do with it is to your discretion, are you going to be negative and ignore the penny, or are you going to add to the penny to make something greater?



My heart has been poisoned since birth, my mind has been compelled to believe magazines, and social media were right, and that my dreams were unrealistic and wrong. I’m wise now, but so confused. I’ve been trying to break free from this toxic artificial relationship with Hollywood since birth. I would appreciate more stability, consistency and long jevity in a serious relationship, with values, morals and that had a true meaning. God said he would never leave me nor forsake me, his word doesn’t change, and neither does he. My Jesus is holy, he is cleansing me and purifying me, day by day!

After this

 After the twiddling thumbs, silent stares, rejected invites, mind battles, and reality begin settling and your caught in the mist of the moment of your life, and realize life is but a vapor, you then begin reevaluating those closest to you first. Everything happens for a reson, and God allows you to expiernce things and people for a season. What’s most important is allowing yourself time to heal from the bruises, scratches and brokeness you’ve experieced in the past. God is the king of kings, and he is the Lord of Lords, he is the God of BIG things, and the God of small things! We must get into a place of growth, and understanding and realize his word never changes, and neither does he.  We must realize time is running out, and we have to show some consistency and get focused! 

Woosah …

Like a single pin to a balloon, or taking off your office attire at the end of a long day. The nonexistent knots after a presentation, or the joy after after a toxic relationship. Having release, relief, letting go, and/or exhaling come with great gain!

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