About Amber

So I was recently asked to do this for another blog, and I was more than excited ! I thought I would share it as well:)!

1. Introduce yourself

Well, Greetings to all, y’all! My name is Amber, and I am currently a 30 year old trapped in a 22 year olds body, who would’ve 😆guessed? I am currently on a daily mission for lost souls, as well as recruiting for Christ! I am currently working retail, and attending an amazing church! In my spare time my enjoyments are nature, blogging, God/Church, and fashion/interior designing. My heart is untamable, and I’m an altruistic classy, goofy, but serious individual! I’m a southern belle at heart, I was born in Georgia, and later moved to Indiana where I am currently residing, and have been for quite sometime. I have 3sisters, 11aunts and two uncles (just on my mothers side of the family, LOL!) I can talk/write until my fingers and mouth are both numb, so I’ll go ahead and proceed to the next question!😂😂

2. Describe your style.

I love creating new looks, no matter what pattern or fabric it is, if I love it I’ll go for it! I love chic, high waisted skirts, layers, pastels, and modesty. I noticed in my experience when I respect myself and cover up, it not only shows respect to the world but it shows respect to myself. I am a heavier girl, so I make sure I layer things up for a flirty, fun, carefree, comfortable look!

3. Who/what inspires your style?

My pastors wife, and two young ladies at my church! They are Gabrielle, and Stormie, my previous choir director has a strong sense of fashion as well but it’s simplistic but stylish! They all dress in a modest fashion but very cute, I love to think of great ideas I could see them wearing, and combine it with my own ideas as well! They also have very different but amazing personalities that definitely show in the clothes they wear!

4. What are your favorite places to shop?

My favorite places to chop are Charming Charlie’s, Tillys, buckle, vanity, online boutiques, banana republic, and dress barn! I love the versatility and the option to add and layer on to the clothes, and shoes!

5. Tell us about your favorite hairstyles.

My favorite hairstyles are curly but mostly lose, and wavy! I adore the beach curl, or even something like an ocean wave! When I usually style my hair I think of Gabrielle, and her gorgeous waves! #HairGoals like I stated earlier, I love combining my styles with others for more versatility!

6. How can we connect with you online?

I am very easy to connect with! I am currently on Instagram as StylesByAmber I am the very first account, and I also blog at http://www.wordpress.com.

7. Anything else you would like to share?

My team, who are also my college friends at church are all currently running a page by the name of BSUilluminate, pleased feel free to check it out at http://www.BSUilluminate.com

Thank you


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