Work it or Worth it!

    Time after time again were asked out aspirations and outlooks on life, and our future. “Live for today because you don’t know what tomorrow holds.” I live for today because I know who holds tomorrow. Distractions and deceptions are rather interesting; having being told all of your life to have a “Plan B” when “Plan B” only distracts from “Plan A.” 

   I’m so sure 90% of us would honestly agree if we could go back in the past we would “do it over” or “do everything differently” but the truth is, when your in the mist of error…why not change the way of thinking? If we were honest with ourselves and honest with the Lord who sees and knows all, why not be honest with man? Statistics can say that your a product of your environment and someone else might add “Those that say they can, and those that say they can’t, are usually both right.” 

My point is…live for today to your maximum capacity with your right mindset, and your imperfect morals. What imprint have you left the world with? Who are you, and what did you want? The rest can be history or you can be the mystery…


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