Food for thought

Suppose you are in your house and your child walks in with a friend and neither one of them speak in they walk right past you and say nothing at all. after feeling disrespected you turn and looks of them and say excuse me? I didn’t hear you speak. The than begin speaking after being confronted about their actions, and your face is distorted because your in shock someone interested your house and didn’t speak…

You are standing in line in a public place, and you notice people horsing around, being boisterous and using an excessive amount of profanity, and before you know it a preacher walks up…and all of a sudden they stop cursing they stop playing around..trying to impress the preacher hoping he didn’t hear them use profanity..or act immature…

But the problem is in EX:1 the mother was mad that people entered her house and didn’t say anything to her..and she got angry..but people go to Gods house and be rude to him and sit their and ignore him and he still loves u and gives u chance after chance…and in EX:2 The people playing around in public and using profanity decided to stop doing that out of respect for the preacher but God is watching you 24/7 and you won’t change for him. Where are your real morals ? why are things done so backwards ? Think before you act or speak! How would you feel if you were the highest of all high and people did not respect you…and not believe in you.. But they constantly wanted the miracles you could perform but did not want you in their life how would you feel..