I don’t have anything I would like but I am so honored to have breath in my body to praise Jesus, my life could be so much worse I woke up and I understand the lord is my way maker he brought me through every time and I know he will now I know I can’t see my way now but Gods way will be revealed soon ! I receive it in Jesus name



Healing cannot come to a desperate person rummaging through other people’s lives one of the first things that are hurting person needs to do is break the habit of using other people as a narcotic to numb the dull aching of an inner void. The more you medicate the symptoms the less chance you have of allowing God to heal you -T.D. jakes

I’m waiting

How long will you vex me and disrespectful me to my face and worship me when my backs turned..how long will u slander me behind closed doors and present my life as a trophy to man..


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